Snoop & Crew - "Master Steppin Instructor"
UniverSoul Steppers: Snoop & Crew
Dancing is a historical tradition. Stepping or steppin’ has been alive for decade.Steppin' like many other dance forms gets its roots from several African American dance styles: The Jitterbug, The Swing, and The Bop, just to name a few.Style, creativity, and gracefulness are all characteristics of stepping.The dance includes a lead and follow position and To be executed at its best, good chemistry and partner work are required between the two dancers. In some cases three if dancing trios.Various turn patterns, footwork, and pulls are all inclusive elements of the dance.
UniverSoul Steppers: Snoop & Crew, promotes fitness, health awareness, and discipline among youth and adults through dance.There is a very active and dedicated stepping community already thriving in Chicago and the community growing nationally. UniverSoul Steppers: Snoop & Crew is dedicated to the following:
·Bringing quality and affordable dance instruction to the Chicagoland area and across the country..
·Offering a creative form of modern art and dance that is sweeping the nation and also to bridging cultural and generational gaps.
·Choreographing the basic 6 count or 8 count for stepping, creative moves and turns, elegant footwork.
Stephen “Snoop” King, founder of UniverSoul Steppers, is a master stepping instructor. He has been very active in the stepping arena for nearly a decade, both as a student of dance and as an instructor. Throughout his career he has taught dance as a private instructor, worked in dance studios and popular nightclubs, been a top competitor in stepping and so much more. He is respected nationally in the field for his professionalism and for his outstanding and unique teaching style. His charismatic personality draws both men and women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to his classes and workshops. Snoop continues to dance socially, while setting himself apart from other instructors by teaching classes and workshops both locally and nationally.
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